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Why Go With Us For Admissions Consulting


April 12, 2019


Josh Jones

So you’ve decided you need an admissions consultant and that it’s completely ethical to hire one, so what’s next?

Obviously, you need to decide which admissions consultant you’ll hire.

So why choose Test Prep Unlimited?

Like always, I’ll use a story to illustrate the TPU advantage.

Our client was a strong, but not perfect candidate: his grades were good, but not great.

When he came to us, he was quite upset.  He had presented a draft of his essay to one of his professors, who told him he hated the essay.  This Professor had been admitted to a similar degree program, and he “knew” what it took to get in; consequently, he urged our client to re-draft his essay based upon a template that he believed would allow the Admissions Committee to “understand” his resume.  As if the Admissions Committee couldn’t read!

So it was time for a talk.

We began by explaining that it’s always up to the client to do whatever he thought was right, but we urged him to stay the course, to refine his draft along the lines we had suggested, rather than abandon his essay for his professor’s template.

We reminded him that Admissions Officers read thousands of “form” essays and that they would understand his resume without an essay-long repetition.  Most importantly, we reminded him that he’d be throwing away his best chance at standing out from the crowd if he submitted an essay that looked like everyone else’s.

Fortunately, our client agreed with us, and he’s already been interviewed or admitted at several schools.  (It’s only been a few weeks since he applied, so we’re still waiting for additional results, but – needless to say – our client is overjoyed by his decision.)

You’ll notice I didn’t say too much about our client’s particular strategy; there are two reasons for that reticence.  First, I don’t want to identify him (we take confidentiality very seriously), but, second, his details are irrelevant because his strategy was unique to him.

And that’s the most important part of the TPU advantage: we take the time to design a strategy for you.  We’re not trying to fit you into our strategy or even our school-specific strategy; rather, we’re trying to decide what’s the best fit for you and your goals.  Like we do in test prep, we create a custom solution for you.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the right approach is an approach that’s designed to present you in the best possible light.  Sometimes, the real you don’t fit a particular school, which is fine – we’ll help you choose another that’s a better fit. More often, however, the problem is that you (or your consultant) are trying to fit you to the school, trying to invent ways that you meet whatever you (or your consultant) thinks that school wants.  We don’t take that approach; rather, we start with you, and we decide how to fit you into an essay that truly represents you.

In other words, most people start with the school and end with you; we start with you – and it’s that client-centric approach that truly sets us apart.


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