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The Value of GMAT Tutoring with Dream Score

If you haven’t yet, read why we are your best option for private GMAT instruction.

As you make your GMAT prep decision, here are a few key points to remember:

Dream Score is the only GMAT service that offers a specific score guarantee.

All other GMAT tutoring companies will offer vague promises or foster unrealistic expectations from their students, only to deliver lackluster results. Our approach is to truthfully share what we have observed from students and provide a quantifiable, results-oriented approach. The best guarantee you will find from other GMAT prep companies is “your score will increase if you take our class, otherwise, we’ll let you retake the class which didn’t offer you results in the first place”, a completely empty guarantee.

Dream Score is also the only GMAT service that publishes student score increase rates. Why?

Because if other companies did that, no GMAT aspirant would want to work with them! Completely new-to-GMAT students often see score gains in the neighborhood of 5-13 points per hour. The current score increase rate record for a Dream Score student is 60 points with ONE hour of instruction, a streamlined curriculum, and a very disciplined student.

We save you a tremendous amount of time.

To see how much, and what that’s worth if your time-opportunity-cost is converted to dollars, check out How Much Time We Save You.


The above discussed the value of our service (already superior to all similarly priced options), but now let us consider the cost in context: What we charge pales in comparison to both the cost (time, money, and effort) of earning an MBA from a top 20 program and especially the resultant increase in lifetime earnings such a degree confers. We’re talking four or five figures compared to Seven or Eight figures here, nickels and dimes versus Ben Franklins. (Plus the benefits of a stellar GMAT score extend past making you priority for admissions and funding at top business schools: The top management consulting firms, Bain, BCG, and McKinsey, won’t even consider applicants unless they score around the 99th %ile!)

A truly dedicated and excellent GMAT tutor costs (and is both rare and well worth the investment if you’re serious about a graduating from a top school). Major test prep companies only hire part-time tutors (who have inferior teaching ability and don’t add value in the way that a Dream Score tutor does) and paid a meager hourly, so their tutors aren’t very highly incentivized to significantly raise scores. We factor student score increase rates into our pay calculation.

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In the past twenty years, Dream Score has transcended to become the gold standard in test preparation

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