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How much will my score increase after non Dream Score GMAT course/class?

The answer to this question is so disappointing that no GMAT prep companies—and we’re talking about the most well-known ones—will even answer the less specific version: “What is the average score increase of students who take your class?”, publicly or privately.

The reason? On average, student scores increase by about 20-30 points after a course. That is abysmal. You will see that result from self-study alone, and what it costs to take such a class would be better spent working with an amateur math and English tutors at $30-40 an hour for an additional 10-20 points.

Though the data abounds, tutoring companies will cite lack of meaningful data, statistical insignificance, biased reporting, and a variety of other excuses for why they can’t answer your question. Of course it depends on what the student puts into the course, but it says a lot if GMAT prep companies, with access to so much data, do not report or even analyze it. Students routinely come to us after their GMAT course did not deliver and find that there is a real, measurable difference: 3-7 points per tutoring hour.

So why are GMAT prep class companies making so much? It’s mainly because they cast a very wide net: Offer the cheapest GMAT prep option with some minimum quality standard (not the best, but at least it’s familiar) to the most people, like Walmart or McDonald’s.

Another reason is that due to the large marketing budgets and efforts of the big companies, students believe that such classes are effective, and students don’t know that there are much better options out there. Much of their positive reputation comes from confirmation bias: The students who studied well and would have seen most of their score increase anyway will write positive reviews, confusing the benefit of the class with the benefit from their own self-study, while students who don’t see results are often too embarrassed to say anything about it publicly. The main benefit of a class is that it helps ensure students study, but if you already intend to study, the money you would spend on a class would be better invested in a private tutor.

How much will my score increase after non Dream Score GMAT course/class?

Hiring a GMAT tutor is like driving a vehicle to get from A to B instead of walking (or crawling). The question is what is driving distance and what is walkable? There are plenty of resources in print or online for you to study with, but you have to spend a considerable amount of time researching your options and you won’t make all the best choices while reinventing the wheel. Besides, you could do all the practice problems in the world and still plateau far from your goal. To keep climbing, you need to change the way you think. Self-study, classes, and mediocre tutoring will not help you do that. We’ll discuss mediocrity in tutoring a bit later in this article.

Unless you’re under 650, within 30 points of your goal, and have more than 60 hours (and plenty of unused, quality materials) left to study, you should definitely consider retaining an expert. The average student spends 2+ hours of self-study for every point increase (and from 2-10 hours per point above 700). An expert tutor can make that go several times faster, and you have more important things to be doing with your time (like the rest of your application). Our students increase their scores at a rate between 3 and 7 points per hour we meet—the fastest in the world.

In GMAT-land, the spectrum of instructor abilities is quite vast. You may be wondering how to recognize an expert an expert GMAT tutor Well, here is a checklist to help you identify one. An expert will possess all of the following characteristics:

  • Knows and publishes the typical student score increase rates resulting from their tutoring
  • Offers specific quantified score increase guarantee, backed by the confidence from their proven methods.
  • Taught more than 10 students from start to finish, all of whom hit their target on time
  • Has taught multiple students how to score 730 or above
  • Has mastered the GMAT (scored above 760)
  • Has mastered teaching
  • Has mastered teaching the GMAT

We do not recommend group classes unless everyone is at your level and there are fewer than 4 students, or you lack the discipline and motivation to study and just need some external structure. If you already have the motivation to study, you won’t get a whole lot more out of taking a class than you would from self-study, at least not anything you couldn’t get from a few hours with a good tutor.

To clarify an important point, the most meaningful measure of the effectiveness of a class is to compare the official GMAT score obtained immediately before the class to the official GMAT obtained immediately after the class. We at Dream Score take a data-driven approach. We continually compare the before-and-after scores of students to refine our curriculum and offer you the best results.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire An Inexperienced GMAT Tutor?

The only situation in which you might be OK hiring an amateur is if you are within 50 points of your target score, which is under 550. Otherwise, hiring an amateur is a bad idea for the following reasons:

First and foremost, an inexperienced tutor does not know the shortest path from here to your target. You will wander around GMAT-land without a map and compass, and in all likelihood will not reach your destination on time, if at all.

You do not learn the correct exam strategies. The GMAT is a very specific test which requires very specific strategies, not only exam strategies that exam-takers must learn to apply during the exam, but also teaching strategies that GMAT instructors must apply while teaching their students.

You use poor materials which waste your time and energy, and give you a poor sense of what it takes to do well on the GMAT.

You pick up bad habits you will have to unlearn (both of which take up your self-study and later tutoring time).

Your inexperienced tutor at best only shows you how to answer the questions, but not the fastest way to do so (the Official GMAT Guide is also guilty of this). At worst they don’t even know how to solve many of the questions. They also waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to answer the question, rather than teaching you how to do it.

If you do decide to hire an amateur GMAT tutor, whatever you do, do NOT waste OG and GMATPrep questions+exams on them. These are the materials you finish your studies with. Doing so wastes a lot of your time, energy, motivation, and especially compromises your verbal materials and official practice exams. You also waste money when you don’t hit your target on time and, with your broken motivation, make it a lot harder for us to optimally assist you.

The Value of GMAT Tutoring with Dream Score

As you make your GMAT prep decision, here are a few key points to remember:

Dream Score is the only GMAT service that offers a specific score guarantee.
All other GMAT tutoring companies will offer vague promises or foster unrealistic expectations from their students, only to deliver lackluster results. Our approach is to truthfully share what we have observed from students and provide a quantifiable, results-oriented approach. The best guarantee you will find from other GMAT prep companies is “your score will increase if you take our class, otherwise we’ll let you retake the class which didn’t offer you results in the first place”, a completely empty guarantee.

Dream Score is also the only GMAT service that publishes student score increase rates.

Why? Because if other companies did that, no GMAT aspirant would want to work with them! Completely new-to-GMAT students often see score gains in the neighborhood of 5-13 points per hour. The current score increase rate record for a Dream Score student is 60 points with ONE hour of instruction, a streamlined curriculum, and a very disciplined student.

Dream Score saves you a tremendous amount of time.

To see how much, and what that’s worth if your time-opportunity-cost is converted to dollars, check out How Much Time We Save You.
The above discussed the value of our service (already superior to all similarly priced options), but now let us consider the cost in context: What we charge pales in comparison to both the cost (time, money, and effort) of earning an MBA from a top 20 program and especially the resultant increase in lifetime earnings such a degree confers. We’re talking 4 or 5 figures compared to 7or 8 figures here, nickels and dimes versus Ben Franklins. Plus the benefits of a stellar GMAT score extend past making you priority for admissions and funding at top business schools: The top management consulting firms, such as, Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and AT Kearney won’t even consider applicants unless they score around the 99th percentile.

A truly dedicated and excellent GMAT tutor costs and is both rare and well worth the investment if you’re serious about a graduating from a top school. Major test-prep companies only hire part-time tutors who have inferior teaching ability and don’t add value in the way that a Dream Score tutor does and paid a meager hourly, so their tutors aren’t very highly incentivized to significantly raise scores. We factor student score increase rates into our pay calculation.

Tutoring Built around the Aspirant

We curate a unique team of tutors just for you, based on your score data, budget, location, and personal preference.

Unlike other tutoring companies that are focused solely on profit, we are a results-oriented, data-driven company. We customize and adapt your curriculum around your specific exam and performance data.

Before each lesson, your tutor will prep the exact questions you have selected. We go in knowing exactly what to say, already rehearsed, saving you any down time while we figure it out. Other tutoring companies do not hold their tutors that high standard.
Each tutor specializes in the subject they teach. At other tutoring companies you’ll get one tutor who may be weak in one area. We routinely turn down gmat tutor applicants who have worked at the big name tutoring companies because they do not meet our strict application requirements.

Unlike our competition, all of our tutors specialize in the subjects they teach. We require Quant scores of 50 or 51 (the maximum Quant score), or Verbal 99th percentile.
Our main competitors advertise that they require a 99th percentile score of their tutors. Do not be deceived by this claim: Even if a tutor scores 99th percentile overall, they could for example have a 53rd percentile in Data Sufficiency or Critical Reasoning!

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