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Saurabh Sharma


I scored 770 (Q50 V44 IR8) on GMAT. Before meeting Josh, I studied for a couple of months on my own and scored 730 on my first GMAT practice test; I believe that score represented the peak or close to my peak score without a tutor. But with Josh’s help, I pushed way past that and got 40 of the hardest points there are to get in GMAT (730 to 770), pushing me from 96th percentile solidly into 99th percentile!

I  think the reason Josh is so effective is because he introduces rigor and discipline into your studies. Before I met Josh I intellectually knew that I should have a good reason for eliminating all incorrect answer choices in Verbal, but it’s sometimes hard to follow that advice when you are studying on your own. But with Josh, I was forced to clearly articulate why every single incorrect answer choice in SC and CR was incorrect. It gave me a whole new level of confidence when I approached these questions. Before studying with Josh, for most questions I was not sure whether my Verbal answer was correct before looking at the answer. After studying with Josh, for most Verbal questions (more than 80%) I *knew* that my answer choice was correct, and I was looking up the answer for those questions only for their answer explanations. A good test for whether you are confident in your answer choices is that you can do 20 Verbal questions, go to sleep without looking at the answer choices and know that you got at least 16 of them correct. But if you are not sure whether you got 10 correct or 14 or 18 out of 20, then that’s not a good sign.

Another quality that I liked in Josh is that he could think on his feet. Frequently I would have questions that introduced a new way of looking at the problem: for example in CR questions, I would explain some scenarios in which the correct OG answer would not be correct, or in SC I would tell a few reasons why the official answer was ambiguous in meaning or violated a principle introduced in another OG question. Instead of just asking me to accept the answer as something GMAT preferred or quickly saying something to move past it, Josh paused to think about it. There were times when for 2-3 minutes, there was complete silence in the room and Josh was just thinking. And then he would explain that even though that OG answer was incorrect for the reasons I mentioned, how the other options are *more* incorrect and why. This discussion gave me insight into how test makers think and why some errors are more egregious than others. This is extremely important for hard Verbal questions in which even the correct answer has flaws, and we are forced to trade-off between the comparative degrees of different errors.

With a score of 770, I am now above the 80 percentile range of the most selective B-schools in the world such as HBS (700 – 760). Because of Josh, instead of GMAT score just being a check mark in my application, the score has turned into an ally and will help me differentiate against other candidates to top B-schools. If you are looking to score in high-700s, most coaching companies are a waste of time because they would cater to the average student in the class. Even in a 1-1 setting, you want someone naturally brilliant like Josh; You want raw intellectual prowess over decades of institutional experience in coaching for GMAT.

I took 15-16 classes with Josh. Was it expensive? – Yes. Was it worth it for me? – Yes. Is it worth it for you? – Depends on alternative uses of that amount of money for you. Did I feel good after scoring 770? – You bet.


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