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Dream Score curates a unique team of tutors for our students, based on their score data, learning ability and preferences, budget, location, and other personal preferences.



Our tutors are our competitive advantage. All our tutors take GRE and GMAT annually and score in the 99th percentile in both verbal and quant sections. So, you learn from tutors who possess mastery over the content. Their ability to learn faster about students’ needs/wants and their  ental makeup and learning styles is the essential competitive advantage we possess in spades. No tutoring service or company can barely match this ability of our tutors in slightest possible ways. 

One of the most special perks about working at Dream Score is that we’re a nonhierarchical organization. As a whole we put our customers in front of us and actively contribute to their success on the tests.



What’s your ambition?


Get in touch and see how our team of remarkable tutors can help you achieve your dreams. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary outcomes.

In the past twenty years, Dream Score has transcended to become the gold standard in test preparation

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