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Best. Decision. Ever.

At first I was hesitant to work with a tutor because I didn’t know how much value it would add and whether it was worth the cost. Now that I’ve completed the GMAT and achieved my target score, I can tell you that Josh exceeded my expectations in every way. He is a passionate and dedicated teacher who genuinely cares about his students and their progression and success.

So what made it worth it?

1. Josh worked with me to understand my goals, timeline, and areas of strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, he created a custom curriculum / study schedule to maximize my learning and productivity. Almost daily, he would review and update it as needed based on my progress. IMO, this aspect is often overlooked: the (steep) price does not reflect all the hard work that Josh puts in during the off hours.

2. Josh has an uncanny ability to teach in a way that best caters to an individual’s optimal learning style. I had come in with a pretty solid foundation of quant concepts but lacked the tools and tricks to solve difficult 700+ problems efficiently. After learning various ways to approach particular quant problems and discussing the best methods FOR ME, I was able to solve these specific types of problems in less than 30 seconds, or 1/4 of the time it used to take me. For verbal, Josh was very patient as I bombarded him with question after question about why certain answer choices were wrong. He was able to discern the most subtle of differences between the answer choices and explained clearly why one was correct while the other four were not. My SC and CR scores jumped significantly between my first and second practice tests.

3. He genuinely believes in his students. Beyond the material and test strategies, working with Josh made me believe in myself. I was less nervous than I had expected to be on test day – I felt I had trained for this and was ready to take it on.

Some words of advice to get the most out of your experience with Josh:

– Consult with him beforehand to discuss your overall strategy, objectives, and what specifically you’d like to get out of the tutoring.

– Try to set aside *some* time every day to work on the GMAT.

– Do all the homework assignments.

– Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions.

After 6 weeks working with Josh, I scored a 740 (97th percentile). I could not recommend him more highly!

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