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***130 points in 30 hours!!***

I was doing some GMAT research when I found one of Josh’s GMAT articles on Quora. It was really unique and informative, so I reached out. I was skeptical about private tutoring because I had already worked with (one of the large GMAT tutoring companies) and did not get results, but after talking for a bit I felt pretty good about working with Josh.

I was impressed that he offered a specific score guarantee. (My results ended up exceeding the guarantee by quite a bit btw!). He guaranteed that 30 hours would get me to a score slightly below my target, but also said that if I put the work into it, he expected me to exceed the guaranteed score. This turned out to be true!

He structured my entire course in a very systematic way and provided tons of excellent materials. The sessions were very efficient: I always completed the homework between sessions and only brought the most difficult questions, so there was no down time or wasted time–We were always covering new ground at an appropriate pace. I really came away from the lessons having learned a lot and feeling empowered.

He was very motivating and supportive throughout. It’s obvious that he really cares about his students and wants to see them do well. I’m so happy with my results and I would recommend him to anyone!


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