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The Best GMAT Prep Course Saves You Time

Time is what test takers want most, but what they use worst. In this article, we disseminate how time correlates with score increase.

The Best GMAT Prep Course Saves You Time

Many of our students come to us after having not seeing results with other GMAT tutoring programs, small and large. One year of your life, in your prime working age, is extremely valuable! Put the work in with us and avoid the dreaded multi-year GMAT slog. Most of our dedicated students get it done in 1-4 months, depending on a number of factors.

To be a little more granular, for small gains (under 50 points, finishing score below 650), the typical MBA aspirant takes three or more hours of self-study for every point by which they would like to raise their score. That’s 3+ study hours per point (and significantly more for large score jumps or scores above 650). Taking a class (online or brick and mortar) is only about 10-20% better (and most of these gains come from the self-study you’ll be doing anyway).

If you work with our lead tutor, your score increases between 9 and 21 times faster. Josh’s typical students who are completely new to GMAT increase their scores by between 3 and 7 points per tutoring hour!

To put this time-difference in perspective, multiply your projected number of self-study hours by your hourly wage to see what that translates to in opportunity cost for you. Pretty costly, not even counting how studying intensely for several months while working full-time affects your quality of life.

(If you’re salaried 40 hours/week 50 weeks/year, divide your salary by 2,000 to get your hourly wage.) If your wage is $40/hour or more, and you need to raise your score 100 points or more (300+ hours of your time), that amounts to at least $12,000 in opportunity cost of your time alone (probably considerably more), not even considering the possibility that you don’t get your target score on time (and the resulting decrease in your lifetime earnings from having your MBA goals deferred 1 year and the compounded interest). Your opportunity cost alone could be quite a bit more than what you would pay to work with us and have both the comfort and security of working with someone who’s led many people down the path to success to guide you the whole way.

For a rough idea of how long you will want to work with Josh, based on your current and target scores:

450 –> 550 15-25 hours with Josh

550 –> 650 20-30 hours

650 –> 700 15-25 hours

700 –> 720 8-15 hours

720 –> 740 10-20 hours

740 –> 760+ 15-30+ hours

550 –> 720 35-70 hours

For our other tutors, these figures will vary by a factor of 1.5 to 3, while for our most serious competitors you can multiply the time by 5. These numbers are calculated based a reasonable amount of efficient self-study between tutoring sessions.

An average score is 550, a 650 is 77th %ile, 95th %ile is around 720, 97th is 740, and 99th is 760. Note that the higher end of the score spectrum is “dense”–It takes longer to raise your score by a given amount here than it does for lower scores.

Below you can see a representative student’s success: Joseph went from 700 (89th %ile) to 750 (98th %ile) in one month with 17 hours of tutoring with Josh. That’s about 3 points per tutoring hour for the >700 points, the toughest points to get! The same amount of study for the 500 and 600 points results in a much higher points-per-hour rate.

Your results will depend on the rigor of your study, of course, but if you spend a few focused hours reviewing/doing homework for every hour we spend together, bringing your most difficult questions, you should see similar results. It is most cost-effective to spend time pushing forward between meetings, but your time is also more effective when we are working together. Consider what is optimal for you based on your budget and time constraints and I will design a program best suited to your situation.
The most effective GMAT studying is concentrated and sustained, just like your focus has to be during the exam. It is best to do as much studying with me as early and as intensely as possible. X hours in one month is much more effective than X hours in 3 months. That being said, it’s always best to frontload. Life happens, things come up, motivation is lost, and GMAT isn’t studied. So don’t put it off–Contact us now!


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