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GMAT Testing Accommodations. Do You Qualify for 50%, 100% Extra Time?


March 10, 2019


Josh Jones

he Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the non-profit which administers the GMAT exam, is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its product. This means that they will make special accommodations for exam-takers who demonstrate a need, one of these special accommodations is additional time (specifically 50% or 100% additional time). 

Who Qualifies for Additional Exam Time?
There are five disability types (umbrella categories under which many disabilities may fall) which the GMAC considers offering special accommodations for, and they’ve provided a document for each with specific instructions. The types are; Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning and Cognitive Disabilities, Physical and Systemic Disabilities, Psychological Disabilities, and Sensory Disabilities (Vision and Hearing). 

GMAC defines individuals with disabilities using the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA states that a disability can be physical or mental, and must substantially limit your ability to perform major life activities (when compared to the general population). Your application will need to document a disability that “substantially limits a major life activity”, how that disability would limit your ability to take the GMAT, and rationalize why additional time is “necessary and appropriate” given your circumstances. 

 It is stated within these instructions that they realize that every individual has a unique experience and needs, and they are committed to being “as flexible as we can” when reviewing your materials. In some cases (for example ADHD) you are able to comment on how it has impacted your life, even if your diagnosis was recent, and why you feel you went undiagnosed until recently. 

How Do I Request More Time?
No matter what your disability, or which specific accommodations you need, there is a five-step process for your request.

**DO NOT register for your exam until you have received a decision about your accommodation request.** 

  1. Go to MBA.com and create a GMAT profile, this will give you a GMAT ID number. 
  2. Read through the GMAT Handbook and the Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities
  3. Complete the GMAT Exam Accommodation Request Form found in the supplement.
  4. Provide documentation from a qualified medical professional. The type of documentation needed is specific to your disability, details for each category can be found at MBA.com
  5. You must mail or fax (do not email) your request to Pearson VUE for review (you are able to choose to receive your response via email, which is recommended as it is faster). 

How Long Will This Process Take?
Once GMAC has received your completed application they will attempt to review it within 25 business days. At that point GMAC may require additional documentation at the end of the 25 days of the initial review, they recommend you prepare for up to an additional month (on top of the original 25 days). In addition, you may also need to wait for an appointment with your medical professional in order to gather all the necessary documentation. 
To summarize: this process cannot be rushed and may take more than two months to complete. Plan ahead!

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