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What’s Included in the Full GMAT Prep Course

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What’s Included in the Full GMAT Prep Course

In addition to:

  • Comprehensive 2 hour introductory exam strategy session (by itself known to boost new-to-GMAT scores by 20-40 points, depending on starting score)
  • Multiple tutors for more tutoring time
  • Complete curriculum and timeline customized to your unique situation
  • The full course includes tons of materials (a $1200 value if purchased individually):
  • 3 unique sets of comprehensive, full-course strategy guides
  • Supplemental fundamentals and advanced guides
  • Multiple specialized topical guides
  • Thousands of practice problems of all difficulty levels
  • All official materials
  • Thousands of real, retired questions
  • Loads of practice tests, more than you’ll realistically need
  • Spontaneous tweaks to existing problems, to keep your mind adaptive
  • The highest published score increase rate of any GMAT course
  • Score Increase Guarantee option for packages

But most importantly, you get to work with the leading GMAT tutor in the world. Josh applies his educational consulting experience to design a complete, unique syllabus just for you. No cookie-cutter, mass-produced GMAT curriculum here, which you will find everywhere else.  We teach you the strategies for how to conceptualize and tackle difficult questions in the most efficient way possible.  Without the guidance of someone who is not only a top scorer but also a top educator, you could burn through all of your materials and still be far from achieving your full potential. 

Note that you don’t have to do the full course to hit your target.  Contact us to see how we can help you accomplish your GMAT goals.

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