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Frequently Asked Question

What sets your tutors apart?

Other firms hire generalists. We hire specialists.

We require each tutor to master the specific subject they will teach you.  Other firms do not do this!  A 99th percentile overall can still have 60th percentile in CR or Data Sufficiency for example! 

We require each Quant instructor to have Q50 or Q51 (the highest scores) and each Verbal instructor to have 99th percentile in the specific Verbal subject that they teach.

We train our tutors to teach our very specific and proven methodologies. Other firms do not have a solid methodology to teach their tutors!

Our tutors are results oriented.  Other firms are revenue-oriented.

How much will this cost?

A student does not want to hear the truth: “There is no simple answer to this question.” So don’t say that. We give them the tools to get a sense of the cost, though.

The most zoomed-out answer is that our most diligent students typically see

3+ points per lesson from 600-700.

4-5+ points per lesson from 500-600

5-6+ points per lesson from 400-500

Some nuances:

-Depends on:

  1. Which tier(s) of instructor the client works with
  2. Student study efficiency, energy levels, psychological fortitude/well-being, timescale, how far into their GMAT process (how fresh vs burnt out), how consistently they study (students tend to start forgetting GMAT after a 2-3 days of no study), and a host of other variables.

-Our HNW clientele values their time a lot more, so they tend to study less outside of lessons, so that they are not spinning their wheels alone. They tend to use lessons more quickly and that decreases their points-per-lesson metric.

-Students who barely have time to study (commute, new baby, long hours) take longer to finish/have lower points-per-lesson because their weekly study/energy availability does not allow them to hit “critical mass” (i.e. the rate at which they are able to absorb and practice material is not a lot higher than the rate at which they forget).

  • Level III: Our CEO and head curriculum designer works with those who prioritize speed and high score. Superior instruction. Ideal for special circumstances. First and only GMAT tutor to guarantee scores with private tutoring and to quantify/publish score increase rates. Rate is about 2x the market rate for the most skilled tutors at other tutoring companies. $585 per 55 minute lesson, and you may also receive discounted (or even free!) lessons with our tutors at other levels (depending on availability)
  • Level II: Good for most of our serious students. Most students work with Levels II and III or Levels I and II. Our Level II instructors are better than instructors you will find elsewhere. Cost is equal to or slightly above the market rate for GMAT tutors you will find elsewhere. $355 per 55 minute lesson
  • Level I: Good for students who want to do small tutoring packages. Skill level equal to or greater than that of GMAT tutors at the largest tutoring companies AND less expensive. $245 per 55 minute lesson

Rate depends on season, availability, level of teaching experience of the partner. All have scored 99th percentile it greater in the subjects they teach.

We offer discounts between 10-30% depending on the number of lessons


How can this process be cheaper/faster?

How to Get the Most Out of Working With TPU

-Follow our study program

-Be honest with yourself about how well you understand an assignment before moving to the next assignment

-Exercise, diet, sleep. Never study when you are tired.

Score guarantees are only for the flat-fee structure.

Score guarantees require a $25k minimum commitment and require an official GMAT score less than a week old as baseline, and 4 official GMATs available.

Approximate exam frequency:

Every couple hundred hours of study or 30 lessons. But it’s more about how much content you’ve covered.

Before taking the first one, you should take one once you cover:

-all the foundations,

-topical sets, and

-a few hundred official gmat questions (2/3 of the questions in the OG supplement, with rigorous time targets we will specify)

In the gmat myths page, I address burning through practice exams. There is a finite number, and they are for very deliberate points in your study. Only the official gmat exams are worth taking. The others are not very accurate and the questions do not sufficiently replicate the quality of real GMAT questions.

How does your course work compare with actual GMAT?

Our materials are specifically designed to help you get as high a GMAT score as possible, in the shortest time possible. You will be doing a mix of official GMAT questions as well as instructional manuals and questions we’ve designed specifically to train you for the core skills GMAT tests.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Google Pay

Can I purchase multiple accounts for my students or non-profit?

You definitely can! Email us at contact@DreamScore.com and we’ll help you.

What is the advantage of the tutoring option?

Tutoring multiplies the speed at which you by a factor of anywhere from 5-13x. And we help you break through when you are stuck. Why reinvent the wheel when we have already mapped out the fastest path from A to B?

If I'm struggling with a question, how can I get help?

Set up a lesson and we will guide you.

Do I get practice tests?

Yes you get practice test 

How does the score guarantee and refund policy work?

First we determine whether you qualify for the Score Guarantee Program. Based on your data and target score, we give you an estimated price, which you pay up front and in full. You will sign a detailed contract. If you fulfill all conditions and still score below the target score profile we agree upon, we give a partial refund based on your final score breakdown. Score guarantees have a $25k USD minimum for enrollment.

The next most popular is "Can I get x score in x amount of time?

Use the typical score increase rates above. 

If a student can study full-time, they can study 5 hours a day on weekdays instead of 1.5.

Weekday study Weekend study Total Weekly Study
Full-time Employed 1h 4h 13h
Full-time Study 5h 4h 24h

Note that a student who can study full time will generally have twice as much availability as one who works a traditional full-time 9-5!

Note that even if their goal is very unlikely, never actively discourage a student. 

Do say: “Many of our students with similar profiles need more time/lessons or a different score target”.

Don’t say: “That’s not possible. That’s not realistic”.

Sample text I sent to a student with unrealistic expectations:

Hi Satnam. I looked at your form. We can definitely help you. I saw that you want to do 10-20 lessons in 2 weeks to get 190 points. You are most likely going to need more time and more lessons.

Most of our more rigorous students see something like 2-5 points per lesson up to a 700, depending on the instructor, the student’s availability and efficiency, and other factors.

If working full time, they usually do 2-3 lessons per week and study 1.5h/day on weekdays and 4h/day on Saturday and Sunday.


You can prepay for individual lessons.

Who should use Dream Score?

Anyone who wants to reach their full potential on the GMAT and can devote the resources to doing so.

How difficult are the questions?

We tailor difficulty to your current ability. Difficulty will adjust to your progress as you progress.

How many times will I be charged?

Depending on the program you enroll in, you may prepay each lesson, order a discounted bundle of lessons in 1-3 installments (depending on number of lessons), or do one lump sum for score guarantee.

How close are the questions to actual GMAT questions What GMAT material do you use?

Our materials are specifically designed to help you get as high a GMAT score as possible, in the shortest time possible. You will be doing a mix of official GMAT questions as well as instructional manuals and questions we’ve designed specifically to train you for the core skills GMAT tests.

How much time do you take to tutor?

Most students finish within 2-5 months, depending on their goals and starting point.

Do you offer admission counseling after GMAT?

Yes we provide admission counselling.

Do you offer admission counseling after GMAT?

Business school consulting will cost upwards of $10,000.

What’s your ambition?


Get in touch and see how our team of remarkable tutors can help you achieve your dreams. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary outcomes.

In the past twenty years, Dream Score has transcended to become the gold standard in test preparation

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