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Eric Xie


I had the pleasure of working with Josh on improving my overall GMAT score by 50 points!

When I first made the transition over from GRE to the GMAT, I had no idea what the test was going to be like. After going in blind and getting a mediocre score, I stumbled upon Dream Score and read about other people’s success stories from their website.

After putting an inquiry from their site, Josh reached out to me and we set up a meeting and put together our plan to conquer the GMAT. Since I was starting from the ground up, Josh was very helpful and insightful on the preparation work that we would need to do  in order to be successful. Everything was done professionally and in a very organized way. I was able to focus and clearly see the progress I was making each day. I believe that those qualities allowed me to keep motivated and slowly grind to an amazing score.

Though I did have a chance to work with another tutor on Quant, since I was already strong in that section, I wanted the best of the best, so I mainly worked with Josh on the Verbal. Every lesson we had was extremely productive, and I was able to learn something new every time. The questions I had were always answered articulately and even if I had trouble understanding, Josh was able to explain it from a different angle so that it would make sense to me. Whether it be Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, or Reading Comprehension, Josh showed get masterly of all the subjects.

So if I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to work with Josh again. It was definitely a pleasure working with him, and I wish all the success to whoever else ends up working with him!


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