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Allison McDonough


I improved from 510 to 720 over 32 lessons, so a 6.5-point gain per lesson on the overall score. (I know that’s what I cared about when I was looking for a GMAT tutor).

Quant was specifically (my weak spot): I increased my score 1 point every other lesson, which, if you know me, is kind of a miracle.

I was honestly terrible at actually doing my homework for the first half of our lessons, so it probably could have been higher if I’d been better at not procrastinating.

Either way, I didn’t envy Jae when we first started working together – the GMAT Quant section was my weakest area by far, and I really, really didn’t want to do it. Luckily, Jae is fantastic at explaining concepts in a way that actually makes sense, even if you’re not confident in the subject matter, and he somehow set up my lessons so that I actually started looking forward to learning more concepts after a while. He helped me feel so, so much more confident that I could do well on the test. There’s even a part of me that wishes I could take the GMAT again because I know I could do even better at Quant, and that in and of itself is totally mind-blowing. He also helped a bunch with my Verbal (though we focused more on Quant because I started much better off in Verbal-perks of a customized curriculum!), and everybody involved was super helpful and flexible with my schedule. I couldn’t have gotten the score I did without them!


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