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Dream Score was simply phenomenal. From the moment I e-mailed, I was extremely impressed with their quick response times and individualized GMAT tutoring approach. Having already taken the GMAT once and with very limited time before my business school application deadline, I needed a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, every other test prep agency I contacted told me it would take several days before they could assign me a GMAT tutor. With Dream Score, my first lesson was less than 24 hours after my initial contact.

Beyond general tutoring sessions, they provided a plethora of materials, including books and practice tests. But as far as the actual tutoring, we focused on the Verbal section. They did a fantastic job of providing a broad strategy that would save me time on test day while also dissecting question types and teaching me about common pitfalls. Their guidance proved to be more than effective–As somebody who has struggled with verbal sections on standardized tests from a young age, I thought it would be the same old story for my verbal section on the GMAT. But, in a short period of time with Dream Score, I raised my score from the 66th percentile to the 89th percentile. Keep in mind that the time in between the two exams I took was only three weeks.

What I appreciated most about Dream Scores’s tutoring was that they helped change my study habits; They didn’t just provide test-day strategies. One of the problems I had before working with Dream Score was that I would take practice test, check my answers, and move on without thinking about why my answers were right or wrong. Immediately after meeting with Dream Score, I realized that this approach would not be effective in increasing my Verbal score. Instead, they taught me how to analyze each question and answer after taking practice tests, so I would avoid making the same mistake twice.

If you need to raise your GMAT score, Dream Score is the place to go. The short-term investment will provide long-term returns after you receive an MBA from your top choice school. An easy five stars.


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