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Traditional Hourly Tutoring

For MBA aspirants who are fairly close to their goal and need help with a solid push to the finish…

Score Guarantee

If you find the commitment of a full Score-Guarantee package intimidating, you can split it over multiple packages…

Foundational speed math course

Our Speed Math course a set of exercises designed to increase your speed and efficiency…

What People Are Saying

I used Josh and Jae for GMAT tutoring. I decided to use them the minute I signed up for the GMAT and they helped improve my overall score by 80 points in under 2 months.

Kim strand

Josh was an integral part of me achieving my GMAT goals… In the beginning, I did a little bit of shopping around and what ultimately sealed the deal for me was Josh’s proactivity…..


I worked with Dream Score in 2018 and would recommend their services to anyone looking to seriously increase their GMAT score. I went from a 570 to 630 overall score….

Ravi Wadhwani

After working with Josh, Jae and other partners, I ended up getting 100 points higher than their guarantee! The course is customized-meaning that it is designed around analytics…


For over twenty years, we have placed ambitious aspirants cinch admissions at top educational programs both sides of the Atlantic. Their extraordinary journey began with this single step; subscribing to the Dream Score community.

In the past twenty years, Dream Score has transcended to become the gold standard in test preparation

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